Best Aquarium Thermometer: Digital vs Analog

Even when your aquarium looks fine and completely normal, but you cannot know if the water temperature inside the tank is proper for your fish or not.

The fluctuation or improper water temperature and cause a negative effect and health problems for your fish and plants.

Purchase on the best aquarium thermometer can help you prevent these risks of changing temperature inside the tank. There are two most common types of aquarium thermometers: Digital thermometer, Analog thermometer.

This post is about the pros and cons of each thermometer that will help you choose the best aquarium thermometers.

#1 Design

Analog thermometer is designed to float on the water inside the tank; it is also can attract to the tank floor or walls. This is the advantage of this thermometer since it allows you to reach the temperature at any different place inside the tank.

This thermometer is also always left in the aquarium; you can check the temperature whenever you want and great hands-free.

However, due to the feature that an analog thermometer is always lying inside the tank so it also takes the living space of the fish. This is can be a problem for the small sized tank.

There are two types of digital thermometer are fixed probe and wired probe. A fixed probe allows you to reach temperature within just seconds after you dip the probe into your aquarium. However, you will need to hold it by hand.

Wired probe includes the probe and the display that connect with each other by a cord. This allows you to read the temperature inside the tank at any time and you can also measure the temperature anywhere in your aquarium.

#2 Safe

Analog thermometer is most commonly made of glass. That makes this thermometer become easier to be fragile than digital thermometer. If you are keeping the aggressive fish in your tank, it is better to do not to use this thermometer.

Digital is made from plastic and just a small prober is placed inside the tank. Therefore, you do not have to worry about a glass thermometer broken inside your aquarium.

#3 Accuracy

It is obvious that accuracy is the most important feature that you should look for. And the accuracy of the digital thermometer is far superior to analog thermometer.

The digital thermometer is the best option available. It shows both Fahrenheit and Celsius in its display screen and allow you to reach the temperature with accuracy up to +/-0,1 degrees.