What are the disadvantages of best bedding options for snake?

Snake require a proper place to live comfortable and one of the best-considered elements on their enclosure living space is the bedding. You can easy find the good option of snake bedding in any pet store. They should be good at holding humidity, controlling odor well, don’t pose a risk for impaction, etc.

However, even the best bedding for snakes has the drawbacks. Aside from looking at the good sides of bedding, you also should consider the disadvantages of them to ensure that it suit your snake.

#1 Aspen shaving

Aspen shaving is one of the highly favoured material for snake bedding as it good for burrowing, is good at controlling odor. However, the drawback of this bedding is that it not good in humid environment as too much moisture inside your  cage can make the shavings go moldy. This is why I would recommend you to use it for snakes that don’t need very humid environments. Such as ball python.

Another drawback can occur with the large snake. The fine particles of shaving can also get underneath the scales of larger snakes and cause irritation, so I only use it for smaller snakes.

Some users complain about its dusty feature that will mess up your cage. You can circumvent it by misting the shavings.

#2 Cypress Mulch

Your snake will love to live in a cypress mulch bedding as it creates a comfortable soft surface and allow them to burrow freely. It also has the good ability of hold moisture well and maintain humidity levels inside the cage.

But it has drawbacks as well one major issue associated with this type of bedding is that mites thrive in cypress mulch, so it can be hard for you to eliminate mites from your cage. However, you can avoid it by baking the cypress mulch for half an hour before placing it in your snake’s enclosure. Freezing it for a few days before using also works

#3 Coconut Fiber

Coconut fiber is a soft and comfortable bedding for snakes, good at keeping odors in check and also hold humidity well. But because it is so small and soft, it is more suitable for small snakes. For larger snake, it is better to use coconut chips than coconut fiber.

This bedding also not a great option that allow snake to burrow inside. One more disadvantage is that although it easy to clean, but coconut fiber can get dusty. If it makes you sneeze or trigger allergies, you can use the coconut chip instead that will a bit easier on the nose.