How to make the best betta fish tanks?

Betta is a colorful, and pretty fish, they have long, flowing tails but they also know as their aggressive in characteristics. Therefore, they are not usually put in the same tank with the other fish. Instead, some people prefer to keep betta fish in small tanks.

This article is about some factor which might affect your decision when choosing and setting up your best betta fish tanks.

#1 Tank size

There is a common misconception that betta fish should be kept in a small tank. Providing a tank size at least 5 gallons that means give them more swimming space.

Besides, the larger the tank is, the less maintenance it takes. The small tank requires more frequently changing water and tank cycling because the toxins like ammoniac will build up much faster than a larger tank.

But what is the best tank size? Instead of fish necessities, you need to consider your need. Do you prefer to put this fish tank in the office desk? Or do you want you to use your tank as a decoration in your living room? You also need to consider how much blank space you have in your house.

#2 Habitat factors should have in the tank

The main factor that keep your betta fish always happy and health are Clean water by regularly changing water, feed your betta a varied diet and do not let the water be cool for a long time. Using the best aquarium gravel vacuum is the best idea to change the water.

If you live in a place that is always warm, your betta can live well without a heater. But if you live in a place that has a winter, you should provide them a heater. Because the betta fish are tropical fish. They request a temperature range from 78 F degrees to 80 F degrees.