What accessories should be placed in a chinchilla cage?

In order to create the best chinchilla cage setup, aside from some essential things such as bedding, water bottle, hay rack, food bold, etc you also should provide them the accessories to enhance their quality of life.

Although inessential and do not requires, your chinchilla can benefit from the accessories like hammock, pillow, decorations, etc. Since chinchillas are active and prefer to explore, these things will keep your chinchilla happy, never get bored in enclosure habitat.

#1 Chinchilla hammock

The chinchilla hammock is usually made of fabric, fleece material that is soft and comfort for chinchillas. You can tie it to the wire of the cage ore hung near a platform. Your chinchilla can get into the hammock from the platform and rest inside.

The hammock comes with many different colors and patterns available on a pet store, or various online stores. This is can be the ideal to decor your cage.

You chinchilla will have another chinchilla bedding, they will have one more place to rest, play and explore.

#2 Exercise saucer

If you cannot find the large wheel that fit your chinchilla, you can use the exercise saucer. Exercise helps chinchilla promote their health, keep fit and happy. The exercise saucer look like a flat disc that chinchilla can run around on it.

#3 Create a dust box

While bating in the water can make the dense fur of chinchilla get fungus, dust bath is more beneficial for their health.  Twice or three times per week, allow your chinchillas to get a dust bath, it will help your pets remove the natural skin oil.

You’ll need a vessel to bathe them in. A small kitty litter box can be used for this task. However, you also should change the dust in the dust box every 2 to 3 weeks. When your chinchillas do not use it, you should keep it covered to prevent outside contamination.

#4 Shelter

Sometime, your chinchillas need a shelter place, where they can hide from loud noises, bright lights, other household pets, etc. Finding for something that includes a hole for chinchilla easy go through, the walls to block loud noise and it is better to keep your chin warm inside.

These shelters can be easy find at any pet stores. They can be nest boxes, tunnels, or any other place that chinchilla can rest and feel safe and secure.

#5 Decorations

Adding any decorations stuff can make your chinchilla feel excite like a new cage. Especially, you pets may prefer the cage that looks like their natural environment. Any wooden ramps, ladders to link up platforms, plants, and tunnels also can be use as decorations.