How to proper use fly mask for horse?

Fly and biting insects season can make your horse’s life miserable. Not only make your horses annoy, they can also be dangerous to horse’s healthy. This is why you will need the best fly mask for horse to protect your horses from these nuisances.

Because the skin around horse’s face is often more sensitive than usual, using the fly spray for horses can irritate their face, eyes and ears. Fly mask for horse is one of the easiest and most effective methods for providing protection to sensitive this sensitive part. You can learn more about how to properly use fly masks, what is should and should not do with fly masks.

#1 Can horses wear fly mask at night?

Do not do that. Unless there is a medical reason if your horse has an open wound on the face, you should remove the fly mask for horses at night. Not only at night, the fly mask should not be worn for extended periods during the day as well.

Your horses do not really need it at night, and for the optimal health of the horses, the fly mask is taken off a few times a day.

#2 Clean the mask frequently

Since dust, mud, and other debris form the mask can fall into your horse’s eyes and an overall grimy mask can lead to skin infections, so it is better to clean the mask daily. If you are too busy to do it every day, you should create a schedule of when you have clean your horse fly masks to avoid forget it sometimes.

The mixture of water, mid liquid soap and some kind of antibacterial agent can be very useful to wash fly mask. The fleece edging of the mash is very easy to get soil, so you should carefully slosh it. You should have at least 2 fly masks, so you can put on one while the other is being washed.

#3 Check the mask for damage

At the end of the day, you should double check the mask if there is any damage exists. The flies can go through the mask from ripped or worn areas. It’s also can has rip or wear to show up in seams that connect ear coverings.

The mask from reliable brands usually has the long lifespan. However, after a season of using, you should check it every day. The damage of the mask will become very dangerous for the horses especially if the damaged part is near their eyes as if can rub on their skin and eyes.