Best snake bedding: ReptiChip Premium Coconut Substrate vs Zilla Reptile Bedding

Great for first-time snake owner, to save your time of looking for best snake bedding this post we go to the details of two quality bedding products for snake: ReptiChip Premium Coconut Reptile Substrate vs Zilla Reptile Terrarium Bedding Substrate.

 #1 Material

It is important to know exactly what is the bedding made of.  Texture, properties, everything is important. It is better to make from a natural material since it not only safe for your pets but also imitates the natural environment as much as possible.

ReptiChip premium quality 100% organic coconut chips. This bedding can be safe for verities specie of reptiles whether you keep a corn snake, a milk snake, a king snake, a gecko, or a turtle.

Moreover, ReptiChip also is produced with the proper size of the fibers. They’re large enough to prevent your pet from accidentally swallowing them, so there’s no need to worry about impaction.

However, some users realized that this product contains dusty. Too much dust can cause respiratory problems for your snakes, and would probably pose some problems to people who are suffering from allergies or breathing problems.

Zilla Reptile bedding is made of 100% natural biodegradable material, which is environmentally friendly ingredients, the product is safe to use. It contains no toxic resins or oils. It also works well with the reptile heat mat.

The substrate contains Made from premium white fir shavings and ground eucalyptus adds a bonus, which will make your snakes feel closer to their natural environment.

#2 Absorbency and remain humidity

Snakes are the animals that require a high humidity level. They usually prefer to live in the environment with about 60% humidity, during the shedding process, the humidity level also should increase to 80%.

ReptiChip retains humidity quite well and can help maintain the humidity level that your snake species need in order to thrive. This bedding is even considered that can hold humidity better than aspen. But it would be better to mist the cage with the humidifier.

Heat-treated aspen chips of Zilla bedding are ultra-absorbent. Due to this, this bedding will help you keep the moisture at a comfortable level. However, There have been some complaints that this product does not hold humidity well as the snake needs during the summer.

#3 Easy to maintain and odors control

ReptiChip is the product that surely worth your money since the amount you get will last for a really long time. It also has the natural scent, that will cover the unpleasant odors in the cage. You do not have to worry about the odors problem.

Zilla reptile bedding has the ability to keep the fresh scent within the cage. Besides, the ideal chip size and the light color make it spots cleaning easy.