Crested gecko colors variations

We all know that crested geckos are polychromatic species; we can be in different colors and patterns. There are no two crested geckos that are the same.

Crested gecko colors band can range quite wide and desirable and high contrasts. But they are lack of pigment of blue colors. Therefore, it is very rare to have a blue or purple crested gecko. In this post, we are going to discuss some different colors of crested geckos:

Creamsicle crested geckos: They are typically Flames or Harlequins crested geckos. Their base skin color are orange and white/cream stripes on their back and head.

Yellow crested geckos: They are yellow in color. Their base skin color can be dark yellow or even bright yellow as sulfur.

Halloween crested geckos: They are can be Harlequins, flames or pinstripes with near-black and orange patterns.

Red crested geckos: They have red skin. Their color can be changed in different shades of red.

Green crested geckos: Most of them are olive green but some are darker and some are brighter.

Orange crested geckos: They are usually original orange and also changing color from bright to dark rusty orange.

Bi-color crested geckos: This is a very petty color of geckos. There are two colors in their body or different shades of the same color. For example, yellow stripes on their back and head, and the other part in the body is orange.

Tri-color crested geckos: They are harlequins or pinstripes with three colors. Normally, they are a mix of Halloween geckos with added cream. Sometimes, tri-colors also have red and yellow colors.

Crested gecko fired up their colors

Crested geckos can slightly change their colors depend on their mood or environment. When crested geckos get stress, or if the reaction to the environment, they will be fired up and become brighter than usual.

However, when they are rest or sleeping, they tend to fire down and turn to be a darker tone.

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