How long does crested gecko lifespan last?

Although crested geckos have a small appearance but they do not have a short lifespan as their look. The face that, crested gecko has a long life as same as the other bigger pets such as dogs and cats. They are long-term commitments; therefore, they are also the ideal animals for family pets to keep at home.

If you are an owner of crested geckos, you will wonder what the crested gecko lifespan in captivity, the factors affect their lifespan and how to extend the crested gecko lifespan to help them live a long, happy and healthy life.


How long does a crested gecko live?

There is nothing can determine the age of crested geckos in the wild but it is believed that the lifespan of a wild crested gecko is about 4-5 years old or shorter. Because in the natural environment, crested gecko has to face some dangers such as predators and health problems.

But in the captive, under proper care, crested gecko can live about 15-20 years old and more. Since they can live with you for decades, you should provide them a good condition as soon as you bring them home.

Although in captivity, crested geckos do not have to face a danger from predator animals, there are also some threats such as diseases and other pets.

What are the factors can determine the crested geckos lifespan?

Genetics: Like the other reptile, crested geckos also have a rick of metabolic bone disease. This disease due to the lack of calcium and vitamin D3

The way you take care for your crested geckos: In order to produce a healthy and long life for your pet, you should give them: an appropriate cage with full installed equipment they need (lighting, heater, accessories, etc.), the proper temperature and humidity, and usually visits the vet.

The well-balanced diet: You should provide them a good commercial diet. And once per week, giving them insects and occasional fruit as a treat.