Choosing fish from exotic fish store near me

There are lots of benefits that keeping fish hobby can bring you. Fish make the great first pets and do not take much cost than others. Besides, keeping fish at home and watching them peacefully swim around can relieve stress.

Like almost another aquarium owner, you may feel overwhelmed with all the information about setting up an aquarium. But at first, you need to determine what species of fish you plan to keep.

Why you should choose fish at first?

There are over 25,000 species of fish are identified and over 2,000 of those species fish you find in exotic fish store near me.

The most correct way to set up an aquarium is to determine the types of fish you want to keep. Because once you have decided your fish species, you will answer your own questions about how to install the tank, build your tank depending on your fish’s requirement.

For example, the size of the tank and where your place the tank should impact on the species, each fish require a large space as territorial of its own. Different types of fish will require different temperature levels of water. And other factors such as filter, lighting, food, etc should also be provided and be adjusted to mimic the fish natural environment.

Choose the best aquarium starter kits first, then determine what equipment is missing and prepare for more later.

Species of aquarium fish

Deciding the types of fish have in your aquarium requires you to explore and research. In order to help you choose your right fish easier. These following are some of the popular types of fish:


There are over 2000 species of catfish and they have the same feature that they do not have any scales. Catfish seem to be alike, but the fact that they are one of the most diverse types of fish.

Some of them are nocturnal and need to be fed at night; some of them need to live in a group; some can’t live with gravel, sharp substrates. Popular species in this family are Adolfos cory, Bandit cory, Julii cory, Panda cory, Bristlenose catfish, etc.


This specie of fish normally found in Africa and the Americas. They are peaceful and easy to keep in community aquariums.


They are normally found in Africa, the tropical Americas, and Asia. They are an extremely popular fish to keep in a freshwater tank of the family due to their bright colors.


They are the largest species of freshwater fish. Many types of them are common in the aquarium because they car easy to care for, they are sociable and easy to live with other species of fish.