Tips For Choosing Guinea Pigs Bedding

You have several options of guinea pigs bedding out there to choose from, but not all the bedding will be fit and crucial for your guinea pig’s health. You can buy the bedding materials for your guinea pigs or simply using some readily materials that you can find around.

In this post, we will help you to choose the best bedding for guinea pigs and also how to use this bedding to achieve the best effect.

Factors to consider when choosing guinea pig bedding

Price: The low-cost material bedding is most of the time not to have a high quality and requires more effort to maintaining. However, you can look for other affordable options at your home such as paper or cotton.

The materials: There are many materials that can use as guinea pigs bedding, each of them brings different effectiveness. But the most important thing is that has to be safe for your pigs.

Good bedding should do great at absorbent. Besides the ability of highly absorbent, this material also must great at control odor. Moreover, do not forget to observe the reaction of your pig with their bedding, they will likely to use the softer bedding.  For the new owner, you can try some different types of best bedding for guinea pig odor control to determine what type do your guinea pigs like most.

Maintenance: Some types of bedding will require replacing more times than others. So you must ensure that the bedding that you use always available. If you do not have much time to frequently replace bedding for your guinea pigs, you should choose the material that can go up to a few weeks without replacing.

The tank size: The tank size also impacts the bedding that you will need to use. Checking the tank size before buying bedding to ensure that you do not get the one that too big or not large enough for the cage.

We recommend you to use the larger tank, which means you will take you less of time to replace the bedding.

Dry materials: You need to get started with dry bedding. The wet will be a good condition for the growth of mold and leads to the risk for your guinea pig’s health.