Why Does It Important To Shears For Sheep?

If you are keeping a flock of sheep, you may know that shears for sheep are must be done frequently for the health and hygiene of each individual sheep.

Because sheep cannot shed their hair by themselves, there are many health problems that your sheep can get is you allow them to go too long without shearing.

Nowadays, sheep shearing becomes popular work for many people who are keeping sheep. Sheep shearing eventually is regarded as a spot with many competitions held every year in many countries.

What happens if you don’t shear sheep?

A thick layer of wool covers their body can increase the body temperatures of sheep, especially during the hot summer. It makes the sheep cannot regulate body temperature and cause the dead is possible.

Waste, urine, dirt and other material that built up and maintained in the wool over time can attract bacteria, flies and fleas. This can cause some health problems such as infection or irritation to skin and eyes for your sheep.

When carrying massive amounts of wool, sheep will become sluggish and immobilized. This may dangerous for them if a predator attacks them. Moreover, less active sheep also get hard to digest their food.

Shearing devices

Once you know how it is important to frequently shear your sheep, you must look for the best sheep shears device.

Blade shear:

This device is designed similar to normal scissors, which is including two blades. This is the traditional way to shearing sheep but becomes more limited nowadays.

For those places where no powered machinery using blade shears are not the bad ideal.

Machine shears:

This is the handle device that works in the same way as a normal human clipper with the tooth blade run on electricity. You can use sheep clippers to shear for sheep.

The professional shearers do not really prefer to use it since it is quite heavy and release heat with long use. However, machine shears much more effective than blade shears.