How To Install Thermostat Reptile Heat Mat?

If you know how important it is to maintain the correct temperature in their vivarium, you also should know the necessity of thermostat in the reptiles tank.

When you provide them a heat mat to keep them warm, it is not as simple as just turn on the heat mat and leave them alone.

You won’t know if the heat mat is at the proper temperature for your pets or not. Instead of always keep your eyes in the thermometer, you should have the thermostat reptile and research how to properly set up this thermostat reptile heat mat.

Setting up thermostat for reptile heat mat

The first thing is that you have to carefully read the instruction that comes with the best reptile thermostat. It is better to install the heat mat and thermostat and control the temperature in the new enclosure for a few days before you tank your reptiles home.

Generally, the thermostat will include 3 cables. One cable is the plug on that is for plugging to the power supply. One cable will be connected with the heat mat, and one is the sensor.

Placing the heat pad at the end of the tank. This will create the warmer side and the opposite side will be colder. This gradient temperature will allow your reptile to regulate their own body temperature.


Placing the thermostat sensor inside the tank. It should be placed at the center of the tank but should not touch the floor or walls. Because when the sensor nearby the heater, it will less accurate.

The most important part is setting the ideal temperature range on the thermostat. This temperature range will depend on your pet’s requirements.

Plugging the thermostat and the heat pad with power supply and turn them on. It will take some hours for the temperature to be on the appreciate levels.

Using the thermometer to measure the temperature at different points in your tank.