What is the most suitable litter tray for your rabbit?

Before looking for the best litter for rabbits, it is important to have the good litter tray that are suitable for your pets. Between a wide variety of litter trays available commercially, with different types of tray and sold for other purposes, which can provide more practical options?

This post will help you make the right decision by giving you some main considerations and factor when choosing a litter tray.

#1 Size

Do you use this little tray for one or two rabbits? If you have multiple rabbits and using the same tray for them, you have to ensure that it is big enough for them. The tray needs to be roomy for your rabbit to comfortably sit and also has enough room for a pile of hay since rabbits could like to eat when they poop.

A rabbit require at least 40cm x 25cm of tray. Rabbits grow quickly so that you should choose the tray that bigger than your rabbits size, think about their sizes when they fully grown. If the litter tray is too small, your rabbits may tent to not use it.

#2 Height

Rabbits tent to poop and pee at one end of the box. They lift their tails to urinate. So if the tray is too low, it is the rick that they will urinate over the edge. Using the litter in the tray also lift up the floor. To ensure that your rabbits will urinate inside the tray, it should be at least 10cm height.

#3 Easy to access

You have to consider your rabbit’s situation before buying the litter tray. A healthy rabbit will have no problem hopping 15cm into a tray. However, it will be the matter if you have older or disabled rabbits.
They would otherwise have trouble climbing over the edge of other litter boxes, so you will need to get the low rise litter box, which have a low front and a high back so it’s easy to get into.

You also note that the outdoor rabbit hutch also needs the litter for rabbit too.

#4 Litter boxes for diggers

Another types of litter box that is intended specifically for who love to dig in the litter tray. A separate digging box or enclosing the litter box will be useful for both you and your rabbits if they love to dig. This box will contain the mess of litter when the rabbit digging.

You also can create this box yourself by using a cardboard box. It just need to big enough to fit the tray. Placing the tray into the cardboard and allow your rabbit dig and urines inside.

Toronto cannabis seeds review (TorontoCannabisseeds.com): Canadian Seedbank reviews

If you want Canadian grown and bred cannabis seeds, consider Toronto Cannabis Seeds. While they carry only around 15 brands of cannabis, they only consider the best.

Black Gold, Bruce Banner Fast Version, Auto Bruce Banner, Purple Kush and Northern Lights are some of the better known varieties.

Toronto cannabis ships worldwide, and has been in business for 15 years. The latter is very important when selecting a cannabis seed seller as cannabis seed sales are a very fierce competition.

If Toronto cannabis didn’t deliver they would be out of business long ago. However, not only is Toronto cannabis still around but it is thriving. It has a four star rating on Trustpilot, one of the most respected review sites.

Support is available for problem orders by both email and telephone, Monday through Friday.

Shipping is within a few days and most customers are delighted to get a few extra seeds within their order, a common Toronto Cannabis Seed practice.

Payment is available by both MasterCard or Visa, the two most widely accepted credit cards in the world.

Although Toronto Cannabis Seeds does not offer hundreds of varieties, they made a decision to provide the best genetics Canada has to offer. The strains of cannabis these seeds produce provides consistent THC, good yields, and high germination sucess.

One nice thing about Toronto Cannabis seeds is that they offer a seed mix pack if you are not exactly sure which strain of cannabis works best for your particular needs.

In addition to producing their own products, they also sell from top genetic breeders such as Digital Genetics, Next Generation Seed and Jordan of the Islands.

Packages are shipped within a couple of days, and all packages are stealthy, meaning the neighbors or family members don’t need to know your business.

All the seeds are home grown in Canada, and come in feminized, regular, medicinal CBD and auto-flowering.

We wish Toronto Cannabis Seeds offered a few more varieties for sale, but what they offer is first class, and they have a terrific reputation for customer service fairness.

We rate Toronot Cannabis Seeds one of our best choices to procure your cannabis seeds.

Haze v. Kush: what is the best Cannabis Strain?

In the cannabis community, a couple of strains have always stood out throughout history.  Among this shortlist are the iconic Haze and Kush strains which are genetic ancestors to most of the cannabis strains available on 420 seed banks. Although both the Haze and Kush strain are powerful, they differ in so many ways.

Origins of Haze and Kush Strains

Also called Neville or Original Haze, Haze is a member of the Sativa cannabis family. It was first discovered in the ’70s when two North Carolina cultivators combined a bunch of weed strains from Columbia, India and Thailand. Its popularity today was as a result of a cannabis grower in Holland known as Neville who crossed bred them on his farm. On the other hand, Kush stems from Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, countries popular for growing Indica strains. One of the fascinating facts about Kush strains is their ability to flourish in unfavorable climatic conditions and yield remarkable harvests in a short time.

Features of Haze and Kush

As stated above, although the Haze and Kush strains are both powerful, they differ in so many ways. For instance, the effect produced by each of this strain varies deeply. Often the potency of cannabis is linked to its THC contents. However, a strain’s ability to get you high also depends on cannabinoid and terpenes levels, as well as the user’s body chemistry and physiological responses.  Generally, both strains have strong psychoactive effects; however, while Kush offers a sleepy highness; it is also more reassuring and perfect for treatment of insomnia, stress and all forms of pains. Haze on the other hand, energizes its user; it is perfect for mood elevation, alertness and increasing focus.

In addition, another noticeable difference can be seen in their appearance. The Kush Indica plant captivates growers with its robust features such as its purple buds and broad leaves. Due to its compact size, Kush can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Haze grows slim and long in a mixture of orange hairs and light green buds just like the cannabis Sativa nature, some of them grow up to 8m long, which is why they are perfect for outdoor growing.  Furthermore, Haze is known for its fruity notes combined with an earthy-sweet aroma which standout from the crowd. Like most Indica strains, Kush stands out with pine, spice and penetrating earthy notes that hit hard on the nose.

Which is the best Cannabis Strain?

What is regarded as the best strain varies between users. It largely depends on your need as well as the experience you crave to have. For instance, if you want to increase agility when high, you should go for Haze. However, if you want to enjoy a sense of relaxation or induce sleep, then the Kush strain should be your best option.

Finally, despite the strain you choose to opt for, it is important to note that the seeds, leaves and buds of Kush and Haze all possess therapeutic and medicinal properties that are effective in treating depression, anxiety, pains and insomnia.

Best sheep shears: Ridgeyard Electric Shearing VS. Missyee Electric Sheep Shears

Sheep shears are the essential investments that you have to make for sheep grooming and also keep your sheep free from pests and reduce their temperature. Whether you own a sheep flock or you just want to shear for a few animals, the best sheep shears are indispensable.

In this post, we are going to compare and introduce to you two electric sheep shears: Ridgeyard Electric Shearing Clipper VS. Missyee Electric Sheep Shears and Goat Clipper.

These two sheep shears will help you make quick and easy work of the job. Their power, durability, and noise level are what make them highly appreciated by many users.

#1 The rotation per minute

The rotation per minute or have been knowing as RPM will determine how easy and quick that the share accomplish. If you are planning to use a clipper for both shearing competition and harvesting, it is better to choose the product that offers between 2400 and 3000 RPM.

Ridgeyard and Missyee are not devices that offer the most revolutions per minute. But they have a capacity of not less than 2400 strokes per minute that allows the devices to work quickly and efficiently. The quicker you sharing, the less tiring it will be for you and your sheep.

#2 Power

The best sheep shears are the device that offers enough power for a long time of working and also release less heat.

If you use the device with less power for many times of shearing, this sheep shear will require the break time during the shearing process to cool down or it might be overheating and break down.

Ridgeyard has a capacity of 380 watts. And it is 320 watts for Missyee sheep shears. This capacity will ensure they are strong enough to shear for the sheep flock.

#3 Blade

The blade should be sharp enough to cut the think layer of wood but do not injure the sheep. Besides, it is a good idea to invest in the shears with the option to adjust the blade pressure, which will allow you co cut and shape the shear from different angles.

Ridgeyard and Missyee come with the rotate button on the tool. You can easily adjust blade pressure for different thicknesses of wood. Moreover, Missyee also allows replacing the exchangeable clipper head. This will make Missyee shear become suitable for different animals. You can use it for cats and dogs as well.

#4 Weigh

If you are keeping a flock of sheep, it could be much of time for shearing them. Some of the shears are too heavy to hold for long. Ridgeyard weighs 7 pounds and the Missyee is a weight of 5,95 pounds. They are quite light in weight that will save much effort when sharing.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Reptile Incubator?

Breeding reptile eggs can be an extremely rewarding experience of those who have a passion for keeping these exotic pets. However, reptile hatching will be a complicated task for you if you do not have the right equipment.

In order to ensure the eggs will hatch successfully, you need to purchase on the best reptile incubator. This post is the buying guide that will help you find the appropriate device for hatching reptile eggs.

#1 Size

You should choose the device that can contain enough the number amount of eggs that you have and also fit into your home. The larger incubator absolutely can hatch more eggs but you may get trouble finding the room to place it.

The size is also needed to fit the size of eggs after they incubating. Therefore, it is important to buy the right incubator according to your breed of reptiles. Make sure that you check out the dimension of this device before you decide to buy it.

#2 Temperature and Humidity

Each type of eggs requires a different level of temperature and humidity to hatching successfully.

In general, the temperature in the hatching process will change from 10 degrees to 70 degrees or more. The lower temperature can lead to the failure of the incubation.

The best reptile incubator should replicate the natural environment of your reptiles. This device should have good sealant around and do not has much of gaps inside for humidity can fetch away.

Moreover, the temperature in incubation can determine the sex of your babies reptile.

#3 The thermostat accuracy

You will not know if the temperature becomes unsuitable. You should have digital control over the temperature by using a thermostat. The thermostat also needs to have high quality to ensure consistent temperatures.

#4 Extra functions

There are some extra functions that you should consider when choosing an incubator. For example, the incubator comes with a viewing window that will allow you to keep an eye on your eggs during the hatching process.

Some devices also include automatic egg turners. This will save you lees of efforts than manual turn your eggs. All you need to do is add more water and the incubator will hatch and turn your eggs a few times per day.

Crested gecko colors variations

We all know that crested geckos are polychromatic species; we can be in different colors and patterns. There are no two crested geckos that are the same.

Crested gecko colors band can range quite wide and desirable and high contrasts. But they are lack of pigment of blue colors. Therefore, it is very rare to have a blue or purple crested gecko. In this post, we are going to discuss some different colors of crested geckos:

Creamsicle crested geckos: They are typically Flames or Harlequins crested geckos. Their base skin color are orange and white/cream stripes on their back and head.

Yellow crested geckos: They are yellow in color. Their base skin color can be dark yellow or even bright yellow as sulfur.

Halloween crested geckos: They are can be Harlequins, flames or pinstripes with near-black and orange patterns.

Red crested geckos: They have red skin. Their color can be changed in different shades of red.

Green crested geckos: Most of them are olive green but some are darker and some are brighter.

Orange crested geckos: They are usually original orange and also changing color from bright to dark rusty orange.

Bi-color crested geckos: This is a very petty color of geckos. There are two colors in their body or different shades of the same color. For example, yellow stripes on their back and head, and the other part in the body is orange.

Tri-color crested geckos: They are harlequins or pinstripes with three colors. Normally, they are a mix of Halloween geckos with added cream. Sometimes, tri-colors also have red and yellow colors.

Crested gecko fired up their colors

Crested geckos can slightly change their colors depend on their mood or environment. When crested geckos get stress, or if the reaction to the environment, they will be fired up and become brighter than usual.

However, when they are rest or sleeping, they tend to fire down and turn to be a darker tone.

So you need to prepare the best reptile light bulbs or the best reptile heat mat to provide the ideal temperature for them. The right temperature will make them feel more comfortable and less scared.


Walking on to a team requires hard work and dedication. Players join the team not knowing whether or not they if they will be granted a scholarship throughout their years of eligibility. They do not reap the benefits of what a scholarship athlete receives, and they are often overlooked. In addition to the stress of performing on the field, they have to take on the responsibility of their own expenses in the classroom as well. However these athletes have put in the work and some of them have earned scholarships during their time at Memphis. These student-athletes in particular have had great success throughout their careers and have exemplified what is it means to be a true Tiger.

Brandon Hayes

In the spring of 2010, Hayes joined the Tigers’ football program as a walk-on. However, that was fleeting as Hayes suffered a torn ACL that put him out for the rest of the season. With back-to-back injuries, nothing seemed to be going his way and he contemplated giving up football for good. After missing two years of playing time and rehabbing his knee, he transferred to Scottsdale Community College in Arizona in the spring of 2011, where he had a solid spring performance. Following the 2011 season in Arizona, he was given an opportunity and returned to Memphis in 2012 and worked his way into the Tigers’ lineup. Upon his return to the UofM, he was seventh on the depth chart; by the fourth game, he was starting, and by the end of the season, he was voted DeAngelo Williams Most Valuable Player by his teammates.

Career: After leading the Tigers with 860 rushing yards in 2013, had a waiver for a sixth year of eligibility approved by the NCAA in January of 2014 … Would return as a post-graduate student to play in Memphis\’ 2014 American Athletic Conference title season … Played a significant role in the Tigers\’ seven-game win streak to end the season which resulted the school\’s first conference title since 1971 and just the program\’s second, 10-win season … The 2014 season marked Memphis\’ first, 10-win season since 1938 … The Tigers capped the season with a 55-48, double-overtime win over BYU at the inaugural Miami Beach Bowl … Originally came to Memphis as a walk-on, joining the team during the 2010 spring practice season …Left the program to play at Scottsdale Community College in 2011 … Returned to the University of Memphis following the 2011 season in Arizona and worked his way into the Tigers\’ lineup … Over a three-season career at Memphis rushed for 2,385 yards and 16 touchdowns … One of only four players in school history to have over 500 rushing attempts (515) … Finished career ranked fourth in career rushing yards … Six, 100-yard rushing games tied for fifth all-time … Over course of career caught 47 passes for 275 yards and five touchdowns … Ranks sixth all-time in touchdowns with 21 … Scored 126 points during career … 2,670 career all-purpose yards ranks 10th all-time at Memphis.

2014 (Senior): Led Memphis with 949 rushing yards, eighth-most in school history … While yards ranked third in the American Athletic Conference, 79.1 yards per game ranked fourth in the league … Ranked third on the Memphis team with eight touchdowns — five rushing touchdowns and three receiving …Also caught 16 passes for 119 yards and three touchdowns … Against then, No. 11 UCLA had a career-high five catches for 48 yards along with nine carries for 48 yards … Took a catch 18 yards for a second-quarter touchdown … Early in the quarter caught another 18-yard pass to help set up a score that put the Tigers in front 14-13 … Ran for 99 yards on 21 carries in the Tigers\’ 36-17 win over Middle Tennessee … Had another 99-yard rushing game at SMU … Blasted through the line for a 36-yard touchdown run that put the Tigers up 28-7 late in the first half … Rushed for a career-high 199 yards and three touchdowns in the Tigers\’ win over Tulsa … In his next home game had 189 yards in win over USF … The 199 rushing yards against Tulsa tied for the 16th most in school history … Yardage total was the most by a Tiger since 2009 when Curtis Steele had 232 yards at Tulsa … Had a career-long, 51-yard touchdown run with 14 seconds to play in the first half to give the Tigers their first lead against the Golden Hurricane … The 51-yard touchdown run was the second career TD run of 40 yards … The run was the second-longest play from scrimmage by a Tiger … Was named to the American\’s Honor Roll following performance against USF … Helped Memphis claim American Athletic Conference title with a 60-yard rushing effort on 17 carries against UConn in final regular-season game of the season … Conference championship was the team\’s first since 1971 … Ran for 49 yards on 22 carries in the Tigers\’ Miami Beach Bowl, double-overtime victory over BYU … With win over BYU, Memphis notched its second, 10-win season and first since 1938 … Memphis closed out the season with a seven-game winning streak and the team\’s seven-win improvement tied for the ninth-best turnaround in FBS football history.

Honors (Academic/Athletic): Named to the American Athletic Conference\’s postseason second team as selected by the league\’s coaches following the 2014 season … For the third straight year was named the Isaac Bruce Offensive Player of the Year following the 2014 season at the Memphis Tiger Football Banquet hosted by the Highland Hundred … At the 2013 awards banquet, received the DeAngelo Williams Most Valuable Player award … In addition, received the Isaac Bruce Offensive Player of the Year Award for the second straight year … Academically, was named to the Tiger 3.0 list for the Fall 2013 semester.

Keiwone Malone 

Originally an Alabama commit coming out of high school, Malone switched gears and returned home to play for Memphis. He\’s the soft-spoken guy that made big plays and led by example on the field.

Career: Closed out career with 125 receptions for 1,497 yards and nine touchdowns … At the conclusion of collegiate career his 1,497 receiving yards ranks 11th all-time at Memphis while 125 receptions ranks sixth all-time … Became the Tigers’ fulltime punt returner in 2012 and over the last two years of his career led the American Athletic Conference in punt return average … Memphis’ all-time leader in punt returns with 83 for career while 716 career return yards is fourth all-time by a Tiger … For career, averaged 8.6 yards per return … Finished career ranked second among active NCAA FBS players through the 2014 season in punt returns … Also ranked sixth in punt return yards among active NCAA FBS players … Transferred to Memphis from Alabama … Was eligible to play immediately for Memphis and suited up for the Tigers in 2011 … Played in 45 career games, starting 13 contests.

2014 (Senior): Led the American Athletic Conference champions in receiving yards with 555 yards, catching 45 passes including four for scores … The 45 receptions ranked second on the 2014 squad … Led the American with a 7.7 punt return average … Had a 34 punt returns for 261 yards … The 34 returns is the sixth-most in a season by a Tiger while the 261 yards ties for eighth-most … Member of the Tigers’ first conference championship team since 1971 and played a significant role, especially at season’s end, as the Tigers closed out the year with seven straight victories including a double-overtime win in the inaugural Miami Beach Bowl … Season’s 45 receptions ranks tied for 18th all-time … Through nonconference play (four games), caught 19 passes for 258 yards … Had six receptions for 67 yards at then, No. 11 UCLA … With Memphis trailing 28-14 and starting a second-quarter drive at its own 15, caught a 30-yard pass to move the ball to near midfield and spark a touchdown drive to pull the Tigers to within a score by halftime … Also had an eight-yard catch prior to a 40-yard scoring run early in the fourth quarter … In addition to catching six passes for a season-high 76 yards in a win over Middle Tennessee , had an 18-yard punt return to the MTSU 40 to set up a second-quarter touchdown drive to give Memphis a 19-7 lead … Led the Tigers with four catches for 59 yards including a 42-yarder at Ole Miss … The 42-yard catch ranked as the sixth-longest reception of the season and gave him at least one 40 yard catch in all four of his seasons at Memphis … During the Ole Miss game became the 12th Memphis player to catch 100 passes in a career … Helped the Tigers start a seven-game win streak to end the season, catching a pass for 11 yards and running for 13 yards on a rushing attempt … The 11-yard reception began the Tigers’ first touchdown drive of the game late in the first quarter … Caught at least three passes in the Tigers’ last five games of the season … In win over Connecticut to capture the American Athletic Conference title, caught a season-high seven passes for 70 yards against Connecticut … Went the first 11 games of the 2014 season without a touchdown catch … Caught two passes for scores against UConn … TD receptions of six and nine yards stretched a 6-0, first-quarter Tiger lead to 20-3 midway through the third quarter … Had a season-high 135 all-purpose yards in the Tigers’ Miami Beach Bowl victory over BYU … Caught six passes for 75 yards and had two touchdown receptions for the second straight game … Also had two runs for 41 yards … Capped the Tigers’ first offensive series with a 33-yard touchdown catch … A career-long 38 yard run later in the first quarter set up a field goal that gave the Tigers a 17-14 lead … Helped tie the game when he hauled in a five-yard touchdown reception on a fourth-down play with 45 seconds to play in regulation … Sustained the game-tying drive with a 19-yard catch with the Tigers facing fourth-and-seven from the BYU 30.

Honors (Academic/Athletic): Named second-team all-conference following 2014 season by the American Athletic Conference’s head coaches … Also second-team all-conference punt returner as selected by Phil Steele College Football Preview … Prior to the 2013 season was a preseason Second-Team Special pick for the American Athletic Conference, as named by Phil Steele\’s College Football Preview and Athlon Sports\’ College Football … Named to the Phil Steele Postseason All-Conference USA Second Team as a punt returner following sophomore season in 2012.

Mose Frazier 

A recent graduate from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor’s of Business degree in Management, Frazier has caught 65 passes for 802 yards and four touchdowns  the last two seasons. He originally walked on to the Memphis program after transferring from Arkansas-Pine Bluff and was a practice player during head coach Justin Fuente’s first season at Memphis in 2012.

2014 (Junior): Memphis’ leading receiver in terms of catches in 2014 with 47 for 506 yards … Caught three touchdown passes during the season … Had at least one catch in all 13 games … Started seven games during the season … Caught four passes for 55 yards including first touchdown reception of the season in 63-0 win over Austin Peay … Had an 18-yard catch on the Tigers’ first offensive series of the season … Capped Memphis’ first offensive series of the second half with a 17-yard touchdown reception from Paxton Lynch … Second start of the season came in the Tigers’ 41-14 road win at Cincinnati to open American Athletic Conference play … Had a 33-yard run to set up a Jake Elliott field goal to give the Tigers a 17-7, first-quarter lead … Also had a 16-yard pass reception in the game … Had eight receptions for 110 yards, both career highs, in the Tigers’ 16-13 win at Temple … Victory was the Tigers’ sixth of the season, making the program bowl eligible for the first time since 2008 … Trailing 10-3 in the second quarter, caught a 42-yard pass from Lynch to set up a game-tying touchdown run before halftime … With the score tied at 13-13 with less than three minutes to play, began the game-winning drive from the Memphis 20 with a 16-yard reception sparking a scoring drive that resulted in a 31-yard Elliott field goal as time expired in Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field … Caught five passes for 59 yards in road win at Tulane … Caught a 38-yard touchdown pass to give the Tigers a 17-0 lead against the Green Wave … Notched back-to-back games with touchdown catches, hooking up with Lynch for a 42-yard touchdown play to give Memphis a 21-10, second-quarter lead in the USF game … Three receptions for 82 yards against the Bulls … Helped the Tigers earn the program’s first conference title since 1971 with a performance against UConn which included five catches for 16 yards and a 12-yard run which was part of a third-quarter touchdown drive that put the Tigers out in front, 20-3 … In the Miami Beach Bowl victory against BYU helped put the Tigers out in front early, 14-7, with receptions of four and 16 yards on one first-quarter scoring series … All four pass receptions (31 yards) as well as a one-yard run were part of scoring drives as the Tigers scored 55 points, the most in a bowl game by a Memphis team.

Honors (Academic/Athletic): Career-high eight-catch, 110-yard receiving night in win at Temple to get the Tigers’ bowl eligible earned American Athletic Conference Honor Roll recognition … Named to the inaugural American Athletic Conference All-Academic Football Team following the 2013 season … Earned Tiger 3.0 Club list recognition for five semesters during his career – Fall 2012, Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2014 and Spring 2017 semesters … Named to the Conference USA Commissioner\’s Honor Roll for the 2012-13 academic year.

Alan Cross 

Cross is entering into his senior season having caught more touchdown passes than any other tight end in school history (11). The former walk-on has now caught 65 career passes for 821 yards. He has averaged 12.6 yards per reception, played in all 13 games as a junior and has now appeared in 36 career games. He has started 30 career games including 21 over the past two seasons.

2014 (Junior): Co-leader on American Athletic Conference championship team with four touchdown receptions, finishing the year with 28 catches for 373 yards … Accounted for two of the three-longest pass plays of the year for the Tigers … Played in all 13 games and performance during the 2014 season led to being named to the American Athletic Conference All-Conference First Team as selected by the league’s coaches …. Began the year by catching four passes for 48 yards in the Tigers’ 63-0 shutout of Austin Peay … Caught a nine-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter to establish a new career receiving record for tight ends … At the point in his career, had eight touchdown receptions passing Billy Kendall (1997-2000) for the all-time lead … Had two receptions for 57 yards, scoring on both catches for the Tigers in a 36-17 win over Middle Tennessee … Capped Memphis’ opening series with a seven-yard touchdown catch from quarterback Paxton Lynch … In the fourth quarter, caught a career-long, 50-yard pass for a touchdown and extend the Tigers’ lead to 29-10 … Two touchdown game marked second time to have multiple TD receptions in a game, the first coming against Southern Miss freshman year … Equaled a career high with four receptions for 38 yards against Houston … Only career rushing play came against SMU, scoring on a one-yard run that gave Memphis a 21-0, second-quarter lead … Also had two catches for 28 yards against the Mustangs as Memphis began a seven-game winning streak … Caught three passes for 35 yards including a long 18-yarder in which he leaped a defender … Against Temple, had two receptions for just four yards but plays were following by scoring plays in the defensive battle as the Tigers became bowl eligible for the first time since 2008 … Among two receptions for 21 yards against USF, had an 18-yard catch late in the first half to set up a Tiger touchdown which put Memphis out in front, 14-3 … In the Tigers’ Miami Beach Bowl victory, had three catches for 69 yards … Had a 47-yard catch in the first quarter of the bowl game and caught a 17-yard touchdown pass in the third quarter which put the Tigers out in front 38-28.

Honors (Academic/Athletic): First Team All-Conference selection by the American Athletic Conference’s head coaches following stellar junior season in 2014 when he led the Tigers to an American Athletic Conference title and a record-tying, 10-win season … Named to the inaugural American Athletic Conference All-Academic Football Team following the 2014 season … Named to the Tiger 3.0 list for the 2011 Fall, 2012 Spring, 2012 Fall, 2013 Fall, 2014 Spring and 2014 Fall semesters (six total semesters) … First-team pick on the 2013 preseason All-American Athletic Conference team selected by Athlon Sports … Selected to the Conference USA All-Freshman Team in 2012 … Received the 2011 Defensive Scout Team Player of the Year Award at the team\’s postseason Highland Hundred Awards Banquet.

Getting ready for next season, Memphis has great expectations for a few Tigers in particular. 

Tevin Jones

Jones is a fifth year player, who with having played one game as a true freshman in 2011 has seen action in 38 games over his career. In terms of games played, he is the most experienced player on the Memphis team having played every game over the last three years.  He has started 18 career games including 10 last year as a junior. Over a three-plus year career, Jones has caught 68 passes for 899 yards and five touchdowns. He has averaged 13.2 yards per catch for the Tigers.  He is also a special teams standout who has four total tackles and a blocked punt during his playing career.

2014 (Junior): Ranked third on the Memphis team in both receptions and receiving yards … Caught 33 passes for 442 yards including three receptions for touchdowns … Also had one tackle and blocked a punt during the year … Played in all 13 games, starting 10 contests … Started all eight American Athletic Conference games as the Tigers captured the program’s first league title since 1971 … Had at least one reception in every regular season game played … Caught four passes for 31 yards in the Tigers’ season-opening, 63-0 win over Austin Peay … The 63 points in the victory marked the fourth-most points scored by a Memphis team … Against No. 11 UCLA in the Rose Bowl, caught three passes for 74 yarders … Caught a season-best, 33-yard pass to help set up a touchdown that cut a Bruins’ second-quarter lead to 28-21 … Began American play by catching a total of 16 passes for 212 yards and two touchdowns in the Tigers’ first three league games … In the conference-opening win at Cincinnati caught five passes for 70 yards … Nine-yard touchdown strike from Paxton Lynch on the Tigers’ first offensive series of the game tied the game at 7-7 … Also had back-to-back receptions of 17 and 12 yards early in the second quarter of another scoring drive … The 17-yard reception came with the Tigers facing third-and-five from the Cincinnati 42 … Scored Memphis’ first points of the Houston game with the second of two, 18-yard receptions … Finished the Houston game with a career-high six receptions for 72 yards and the score … Caught five passes for 70 yards in the SMU victory as Memphis began a seven-game win streak to end the season … Caught two passes for 34 yards in homecoming win over Tulsa … In addition to catching two passes for 18 yards, blocked a Temple punt in the second quarter … With the block, Memphis took possession at the Temple 31 and would later kick a field goal for the Tigers’ first points in the defensive battle … Caught a 12-yard pass down to the Temple 31 on the Tigers’ game-winning drive in Philadelphia … Caught two passes for 52 yards including a 30-yarder at Tulane … Gave Memphis a 27-3 lead in the third quarter with a 12-yard touchdown reception in the Tigers’ victory over UConn to claim an American Athletic Conference title … … Played in Memphis’ first bowl game since 2008 as the Tigers culminated the season with a victory in the inaugural Miami Beach Bowl.

Honors (Academic/Athletic): Earned Tiger 3.0 list recognition for the Spring 2012 and Fall 2012 semesters.

Anthony Miller 

There were high aspirations for the wide receiver heading into the 2014 season, but a preseason injury sidelined the local product for what would have been his redshirt freshman season. At the conclusion of redshirt freshman season in 2013, Miller was named the recipient of the Glenn Jones Offensive Scout Team Player of the Year Award at the Tigers’ postseason awards banquet.

Phil Mayhue 

Mayhue had a standout rookie season with the Tigers, recording 13 receptions for 219 yards and two touchdowns. He earned his first starting spot for the Middle Tennessee game. The walk-on had two catches for 96 yards in the Tigers’ win at SMU to start the six-game win streak. He actually started the win streak’s scoring, hauling in a 54-yard touchdown pass in the first quarter of the SMU game.

2014 (Freshman): Caught 15 passes for 242 yards and two touchdowns while playing in 13 games as a walk-on, true freshman … 242 receiving yards ranks sixth among Memphis’ receivers … Among Memphis players with multiple receptions in 2014, averaged a team-leading 16.1 yards per catch … Caught three passes for 25 yards in home win over Middle Tennessee State with first career reception being a six-yarder from Paxton Lynch in the first quarter of the game … Had two catches for 38 yards against Houston including a career-long, 25 yarder … First career touchdown reception was a 54-yard strike at SMU for the Tigers’ first points in a 48-10 victory … Caught two passes in the SMU game, adding a 42-yarder in the first quarter to set up Memphis’ third score … Victory in Dallas began a seven-game win streak to end the season for Memphis … Caught two passes for 11 yards in road win at Temple as the Tigers became bowl eligible for the first time since 2008 … Against USF, hauled in a 16-yard pass to set up an 11-yard touchdown reception by Brandon Hayes to give the Tigers a 28-13 lead over the Bulls in the third quarter … Matched a career high for receptions with three and had 33 receiving yards and a touchdown in the Tigers’ 41-10 win over UConn to clinch an American Athletic Conference title, the Tigers’ first league championship since 1971 … In the second quarter with Memphis leading 6-0, converted a third-and-two play with a six-yard reception to the UConn 21 … The Tigers would score their first touchdown of the game four plays after the third-down conversion … Also snared a 21-yard touchdown pass late in the third quarter as the Tigers stretched out a 34-3 lead … Had two pass receptions for 23 yards in Memphis’ victory at the inaugural Miami Beach Bowl … With Memphis trailing 28-24 after halftime, had a key third-down catch on third-and-three from the Memphis 48 … An 11-yard catch during the first series of the second half would lead to a Memphis touchdown which put the Tigers back out in front 31-28.

Honors (Academic/Athletic): Earned Tiger 3.0 list recognition for the Spring 2015 semester.

Spencer Smith 

Smith played in all 12 games as a freshman punter for the Tigers. He was called into action 53 times over the course of the season and punted for 2,138, an average of 40.3 yards per kick. His 51.0 average per kick against Austin Peay was his best average. He punted nine times against Ole Miss, the most for any punter in the conference, and eight against Tulane. Against SMU, Smith filled in as the place kicker and knocked an extra-point through. He took the ensuing kickoff and forced a touchback. 

2014 (Redshirt Freshman): Averaged 40.3 yards per punt as a rookie … Over 58 punts, recorded nine of 50 yards and booted 18 inside opponents’ 20-yard line … Only one touchback during the season … Helped Memphis ran fourth nationally in punt return defense as opponents averaged just 2.77 yards on 13 returns … Memphis’ net punting average of 37.97 yards ranked third in the American and 49th nationally … First career punt was only touchback of the season as he booted first kick 47 yards and into the end zone on the final play of the first half of the Austin Peay game … Would also have a 55-yard punt in the season opener for a 51.0 average … Placed four of seven punts inside No. 11 UCLA’s 20-yard line … Four punts inside the 20 was a season high as he averaged 39.4 yards per punt against the Bruins … Had a season-high nine punts in the Tigers’ game at Ole Miss and helped with field position by averaging 42.9 yards per punt including two inside the 20 and two of 50 yards … Converted on lone PAT of the season at SMU and only punt of the game was a 46-yarder downed at the Mustang nine … Averaged 46.9 yards per punt at Tulane, pinning the Green Wave inside their own 20 three times … Career-high four punts with for 50 yards against the Wave … First punt against BYU in the Miami Beach Bowl went for 53 yards and an interception on the Cougars’ next play from scrimmage set up a scoring drive that put the Tigers in front 24-14 early in the second quarter.

Honors (Academic/Athletic): Named to American Athletic Conference All-Conference Second Team following 2014 season … Earned honorable mention recognition on Scout.com’s postseason Freshman All-American Team … Earned recognition on the Tiger 3.0 list for both the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 semesters … Named to the American Athletic Conference\’s first All-Academic Football Team.

These eight players are the epitome of what a student-athlete represents and truly play for the love of the game.

Bunk Beds for Camping

You want a best camping bunk bed cot!. Even the most avid camper gets tired of sleeping on the ground. Mornings spent with a stiff back are no longer something you are willing to accept. You want the comfort of a bed mixed with the experience of camping. Be it with family or friends, there is not always enough space for everyone to have a cot. Or is there?

Bunk Bed Cots

A bunk bed cot is your solution. Not only are the beds comfortable, but they are also made with a sturdy steel frame. These beds are able to separate into single cots but their true purpose shines as camping bunk beds. With bunk bed cots, the beds are stacked on top of each other. This allows for more space in an already small tent. The bunk bed cot allows for storage underneath and maximizing the small square footage available while camping. Though the bed will rattle and squeak as sleepers shift in the night, this is nothing new. When sleeping on the ground in sleeping bags you can hear the shifting of sleepers. Some squeaks and rattles are a small sacrifice for the comfort that camping bunk beds provide.

Are Camping Bunk Beds Right for You?

Bunk bed cots come in a range of styles. There are options for adults and youth, including an extra-large bed that is able to support more weight while proving more space. These beds are also versatile, able to separate into a single cot if you only wish to take one. If you are looking to get the most out of your camping trip, you need a good night’s sleep. A bunk bed cot will give you the space you need while also reducing the amount of strain you place on your back. While these beds are heavy, carrying them to the campsite could be worth the added comfort they provide.

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Brave Browser (Review 2019): Features and Details

Features and details of Brave browser

  • Browse faster – Brave browser loads faster than Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, etc.
  • Privacy & Security – Block cookies, Block fingerprints, Block scripts, Phishing & Malware
  • Block ads & ads – Block all ads or Block all ads outside of the BAT ecosystem, also contains options to allow ads & tracking.
  • Auto-contribute – You can automatically contribute your BAT token to your favorite content creator. Set your monthly budget from $ 5- $ 30 and it will distribute among your favorite sites that you spend the most time.
  • Time saver – If you enable all Brave features – block scripts, block ads, etc. The site will load many times faster and you will save time every day.
  • Save money – By downloading ads, you are recording your mobile data.
  • 11 million people use its privacy-focused browser every month

Trust me and Brave by downloading and trying it and feeling great things from Brave


Tips to clean solar panels

The maintenance of solar panels, including their cleaning and monitoring, is one of the most important activities for someone who decides to use this type of technology because if it is not carried out with care and, therefore, the good state of each one of its parts is not maintained, its operation can be affected and it can even reduce the amount of energy its produce.

Since these are devices that work with the energy they obtain through their exposure to the sun and also through the contact with the sun’s rays, keeping their surface clean is a determining factor when performing their functions. A dirty solar panel will not absorb the same amount of light as a clean one, which will directly influence the amount of power it can generate.

The first step is to keep the solar panels free of dirt. Usually, they are installed on high surfaces such as roofs, which leaves them very exposed to various particles that can be found in the environment such as waste released by trees, dried leaves, dust, pollen bird droppings, plant waste, and so on. are housed for a long time on its surface can create stains that lead to the panels to produce much less electricity than necessary.

In order to carry out the removal of the dirt, great care must be taken since the glass of the plate should not be scratched in any way as this would spoil the system almost in its entirety, for that reason, it is important to know in which way it is recommended to remove the dirt. There are cleaning kits for solar panels which usually consist of a cleaner, a small brush with extension and liquid soap. However, these are implements that we can find at home without having to spend more money. So, in this case, you can use the equipment you implement to clean your car.

First of all, the soap should be mixed with the amount of water indicated on the container. Then, the brush should be immersed in the soapy solution and rub gently on the surface of the panels to remove the dirty material. There are panels that are divided into small parts, so it is advisable to have several brushes of different sizes at hand as it is important to reach each corner of the system to clean all dust that may be accumulated.

Then, you should proceed to use the cleaner. This step is important to perform while the exterior is still wet as this prevents the soap from drying out and blocking the amount of light that the plate can receive. You can also use a soft cloth to get rid of soap scum, the important thing is not to scrub hard to avoid causing damage to the surface.

If you notice that there are still many spaces that have not been cleaned, you should use a trained professional to carry out tasks of this type so as not to risk damaging the panels. In the same way, it is necessary to take into account the location it has since, being equipment that is generally installed in high places, they can represent a risk for the security of the person at the moment of accessing them.